Subscription Commerce

How to launch and scale your subscription business

What's inside?

Informative and insightful, subscription experts from across industries have lent us their strategies to taming recurring issues. Eight curated chapters from eight leading individuals in the subscription industry.

Insights from: Off The Still, Mobiliti, Abcam, The Guardian, 31DOVER, Interactive Investor, Mindcandy, and TechCrunch

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Filip Nilsson, Head of Subscriptions and Strategic Projects, DMD Ventures

Launched Off The Still on behalf of 31DOVER

Chapter 1 - Launching a Subscription Box:

The quest for recurring revenues

Fail to plan, plan to fail; there’s a lot that can go wrong with subscription boxes. Understand what you need to research, investigate and analyse to create and sustain a successful box subscription business. 

Tarun Kajeepeta, Cofounder/Principal, Piquette Partners

Cofounder of Condor

Chapter 2 - Launching a Car Subscription:

Subscribing in the fast lane

How do you go about disrupting one of the largest industries in the world? Launch a disruptive subscription model that addresses your customers’ needs. Learn how to launch a service subscription start-up, and the importance of testing and improving from feedback.

Juan Christen, Product Director, Abcam

ex-Product Director at Just Eat, News UK, O2 and Immediate Media

Chapter 3 - Value proposition for Subscriptions:

Recipe for subscription success

The trillion-dollar question “What do customers want?”. Answer: Recurring, relevant value. This must be core to any subscription company. Find out how to identify the value you are providing to your subscribers.

Ben Lappin, Director, Retention & CX, The Guardian

Chapter 4 - Customer Service for Subscriptions:

Delighting your customers

In an age of technological transformation and automation, is it the companies that stay in touch with old values that win? Discover how the Guardian is acquiring and retaining subscribers with the magic ingredients of technology and the human touch.

Olivia Delebarre, Senior Ecommerce & Performance Marketing Manager, DMD Ventures

Analytics for Off The Still, the Gin Club and 31DOVER

Chapter 5 - Subscription Analytics:

Taming data

Making sense of subscription data is for the most part complex, but it becomes a lot harder when you’re not collecting any at all. Learn how to put the right tools in place and reach vital insights on your subscribers to put your business ahead.

Anthony Wong, Digital Performance Director, Interactive Investor (parent company of Moneywise and Money Observer)

Chapter 6 - Personalising Subscriptions:

Knowledge is power

Segmenting customers requires precise and clear data, and can be the difference between success and failure. Discover how to find patterns in your data, understand your customers better, and gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

Marc Whitehead, Commercial Insight Manager, Mind Candy

ex-Subscription Analyst at Playstation and Sky

Chapter 7 - Subscription Forecasting:

Predicting the predictable

Subscription models require a particular focus on forecasting and reporting. Learn how your company can set itself up for good and accurate forecasting to increase acquisition, retention and churn rates.

Eric Peckham, Media Analyst, TechCrunch 

Chapter 8 - The Future of Subscriptions:

The hunger for interaction 

What will the future hold for subscriptions? Find out how recurring revenue will play an increasingly larger role in the digital future as we become more connected and develop a thirst for interaction.

Subscription Commerce

How to launch and scale your subscription business